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Cognitive Science helps inform interventions, practice and policy in schools more and more every day. The InnerDrive Team have created the Teacher CPD Academy to illuminate the latest Cognitive Science research that teachers can use to enhance teaching practice and empower student learning.

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Having all the latest research regarding classroom approaches, and how to implement them, in one place is extremely useful for schools.

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A time-efficient and impactful way of helping students to maximise their potential, develop a good mindset and improve their academic and personal wellbeing.

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Who is the Teacher CPD Academy for?

The Teacher CPD* Academy is for any school, college or university interested in embedding Cognitive Science into their Teaching & Learning practice. Subscribing to the Teacher CPD Academy will give your teaching staff access to the latest research translated into effective strategies, techniques and resources for the classroom.

The Teacher CPD Academy is an exclusive collection of online Teacher CPD courses and resources that enable schools to develop their own evidence-informed, in-house Teacher CPD.

*Continuing Professional Development

Why is the Teacher CPD Academy effective?

The Teacher CPD Academy is designed to help CPD coordinators lead evidence-informed CPD programmes simply and quickly, using resources created by experts.


Helps you develop a CPD program that makes sense for your school. Choose from a from a variety of high-quality resources, including interactive courses, Expert Insights, lesson plans and online modules.


The latest Cognitive Science research translated by psychologists and educators into a format that can inform teaching practice in the classroom.


Not enough time? Our self-access resources fit into any school routine. You can design Inset days, twilight sessions or longer-term learning programmes that fit your requirements.


Find exclusive, ready-to-go CPD content created by experts. Accessible resources in a range of formats from 90-minute courses to bitesize interviews with education experts such as Doug Lemov.

See it for yourself

There is so much to see and do on the Teacher CPD Academy that trialling it is the best way to see how it could work for your school. We would be delighted to offer a free trial and a 30-minute consultation with our team to help you craft your CPD journey, no matter what your school’s focus is or what stage your school is at with its professional development programme.

How do schools use the Teacher CPD Academy?

1. Choose the CPD content that supports your school’s strategy

  • Interactive videos
  • Experiments bring learning to life
  • Expert discussion on cutting-edge research
  • Easily synchronise learning for your staff

2. Give all teachers access to the resources quickly and easily

  • Individual teacher accounts
  • Dip in and out at their own pace

3. Facilitate the application of Cognitive Science to the classroom

  • At Inset days, twilight sessions or as a
  • Enhance their Teaching & Learning practice

4. Use the student resources to optimise teaching time

  • Embed evidence-informed techniques in the classroom
  • Lesson plans and resources to use with students

Which topics does the Teacher CPD Academy cover?

Cognitive Science offers an exciting and promising avenue that a growing number of schools are exploring. Our resources help bridge the gap between research and the classroom. The Teacher CPD Academy currently covers ten topic areas and this number is set to increase in the near future.

Cognitive Load Theory

Delivering Feedback

Rosenshine's Principles


Resilience and Motivation

Retrieval Practice

Growth Mindset

Spacing, Interleaving and Dual Coding

Understanding Students' Social and Emotional Needs

Cold-Calling and Wait Times

Becoming Evidence-informed

Asking Effective Questions

SEND & Cognitive Science

Each topic area contains...

Expert Insights

Interactive Courses

Reading Resources

Lesson Materials

These courses take teachers through the fundamentals of the topic area. They are both practical and fun, helping motivate teacher learning. They are also ideal for early-career teachers or staff who are new to the topic.

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Those wanting to dig deeper can watch or listen to insights from experts working within education and the researchers taking our understanding of Cognitive Science to the cutting edge.
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To consolidate learning and help teaching practice, teachers can read a selection of evidence-informed ebooks, infographics and articles that contain practical tips for use in the classroom.

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Flexible, standalone resources that you can use directly with your students. All the content is ready-made, containing printable resources as well as videos of interactive and engaging experiments, all packaged into 40-minute and 15-minute lessons. 
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Highlighting Expert Insights...

We continually track down and add expert interviews on a month-to-month basis, so subscribers can keep coming back for the answers to those Cognitive Science research questions everyone wants to know.
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We have interviewed world-renowned education experts to provide practical and effective applications of Cognitive Science to schools in an accessible format. You can hear Expert Insights from:
  • Doug Lemov
  • Prof. John Hattie
  • Jade Pearce
  • Prof. John Dunlosky
  • Dr Mustafa Sarkar
  • Dr Zach Groshell
  • Michael Chiles
  • Sarah Cottingham
  • Dr Faria Sana
  • And more...
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Find out more about this exclusive collection of online Teacher CPD courses and how they can enable your school develop the very best evidence-informed in-house CPD.

Achieve your DTP with us

You can achieve the Development of Teaching Practice Award (DTP) on the Chartered Teacher pathway and are entitled to a 10% discount on your first year of membership to the Chartered College of Teaching by subscribing to the Teacher CPD Academy.
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