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Expand your understanding of asking effective questions with a collection of evidence-based e-books, articles and study summaries packed with practical tips for your classroom.

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For this ebook, we have picked five key articles that can help you to question your students more effectively. This includes how to use psychologically rich questions in the classroom, metacognitive questions to improve grades, prompts to help your students generate their own questions, getting all students to think harder with good question design and whether answering questions reduces test anxiety. 

Articles about Asking Effective Questions

13 Questions to improve studying

For students to revise effectively, they need to know what good revision actually looks like and bridge the gap between intention and action so that they actually do it. This article explores our 13 tips to improve studying.  

The importance of Think, Pair, Share

If done well, Think, Pair, Share can be a great vehicle for retrieval practice. This article explores what Think, Pair, Share is, and how to implement it effectively. 

Why pre-tests might help learning

Emerging research indicates that pre-tests help learning. But what are they? And why might they be an effective teaching strategy?

Research study summaries

The one about asking why

If we want students to remember key facts, should we a) simply tell them the information, b) tell them the information plus an explanation of why it is true or c) tell them the information and have them think about why this might be the case? 

The one about pre-questions

Often, teachers ask questions at the end of a lesson to check students’ learning. But does asking questions before the lesson has been taught help students to learn?

Evidence-informed Infographics

Questions to check for knowledge and understanding

How do we know if students truly understand what we teach them? Find four types of question you may want to consider using to check for students’ understanding.
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Taking multiple-choice test to the next level

Find top tips that will help you unlock the learning potential of multiple-choice tests. 
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Using psychologically rich questions in the classroom

Using effective questioning strategies is a powerful way to consolidate students' learning, but what constitutes a “good” question? It probably depends on many factors, such as what the students already know, the purpose of the question and the timing of it. Let’s consider three types of question and when to use them in a lesson. 
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Designing the perfect multiple-choice test

Six guidelines to help you create a well-crafted multiple-choice test for your students.
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