Is there an optimal Wait Time?

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Sarah discusses how teachers can rush Wait Times to avoid losing the attention of students. Sarah suggests that an 'optimal' wait time is scenario driven and up to the teacher's judgement. Sarah also shares strategies that can help to extend Wait Times without the class sitting in silence and suggests that talking with students can help them understand the value of Wait Times.

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Sarah Oberle

Teacher & Team Leader at Red Clay Consolidated School District

Sarah is a veteran primary teacher. She also serves as a team leader, professional development committee member for Delaware Department of Education and was previously an advisory board member for the Learner Variability Project at Digital Promise. Sarah is currently working on a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Delaware. Her studies focus on the translation and dissemination of Science of Learning evidence for teachers.


Bradley Busch

Psychologist at InnerDrive

Bradley is a chartered psychologist and director of InnerDrive. He is one of the leading experts on how schools and colleges can apply psychological research to improve learning and academic achievement. He is the co-author of The Science of Learning. His particular areas of interest in cognitive science are; retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving and motivation.

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