Cold-Calling and Wait Times 

Cold-Calling is a teaching strategy that can significantly enhance student engagement and participation. It involves selecting a student to answer a question or contribute to the discussion, whether they have volunteered to do so or not. Within an education setting, Wait Time is the time between a teacher asking a question and calling out to get a response from a student. But why do Wait Times matter? And how can we use Wait Times properly? These resources have been designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of Cold-Calling techniques and strategies as well as to emphasise the importance of managing your Wait Times when you Cold-Call in your classroom.  

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Watch engaging videos, take part in interactive experiments and complete quizzes about Cold-Calling and Wait Times. Explore what it is and how it can increase student engagement and participation. 

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We asked leading researchers and brilliant teachers the questions you want the answers to. Choose from a selection of interviews that will take your understanding of Cold-Calling and Wait Times to the next level.

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