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Expand your understanding of Cold-Calling and Wait Times with a collection of evidence-based e-books, articles and infographics packed with practical tips to use Cold-Calling and Wait Times in your classroom.

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We have picked five key articles to help you implement the findings from the research in your classroom. This ebook covers how to avoid common Cold-Calling mistakes, why teachers might (unintentionally) rush Wait Times as well as how using these techniques can cultivate a fair and productive learning environment that promotes student growth and achievement.

Articles about Cold-Calling and Wait Times

Cold-Calling vs think, pair, share vs mini whiteboards

What does the research say about the efficacy of these techniques? And when would you choose to use one over the other?

Cold-Calling a deep dive interview with Doug Lemov by Bradley Busch

InnerDrive’s lead psychologist Bradley Busch interviewed Doug Lemov to ask him the sort of questions that everyone interested in Cold-Calling wants to know the answers to.

Getting all students to think harder with good question design

This article looks at three different approaches to using Cold-Calling, with each one tweaking the structure of your question and building on the last.

Evidence-informed Infographics

Creating a warm environment for Cold-Calling

Top tips to create a warm environment for Cold-Calling.
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Teacher wait times vs other really fast things

Find out how the average teacher Wait Time compares to other really fast things. 

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