Why is it useful for students to monitor their own learning? 

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Dr Endres explains that by making students more aware of their learning progress, they can better regulate their learning behaviour. He suggests that mental effort is not always predictive of learning progress and that it is important to communicate with students which learning goals you want them to reach and what strategies work best. 

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Dr Tino Endres

Doctor of Psychology at University of Freiburg  

Dr Tino Endres is a cognitive psychologist specialising in the mechanisms behind effective learning strategies and the specific goals these strategies fulfill. He has a particular interest in Retrieval Practice and generative learning, aiming to motivate students to adopt these methods. After earning his masters with honors from Innsbruck and Freiburg universities in 2014, he completed his Ph.D. in 2020. Tino has deepened his research skills through stays at the University of Lincoln, Nebraska and as an Associate Lab Member at Iowa State University. 


Bradley Busch

Psychologist at InnerDrive

Bradley is a chartered psychologist and director of InnerDrive. He is one of the leading experts on how schools and colleges can apply psychological research to improve learning and academic achievement. He is the co-author of The Science of Learning. His particular areas of interest in cognitive science are; retrieval practice, spacing, interleaving and motivation.

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