Embedding character research in school culture

About this Keynote

Jonnie and Iro discuss integrating character education into school culture. Jonnie emphasises the significance of character, its role in education, and methods to instil it into Eton College. Iro explains how Eton College complies with Department for Education (UK) guidelines by fostering prosocial and epistemic traits, employing Virtues in Action, and partnering with the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. The top five-character attributes valued at Eton College and ways to enhance them are discussed, along with strategies to boost resilience and confidence and the promotion of volunteerism and service.

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Iro Konstantinou

Head of Research and Impact at the Tony Little CIRL

Dr Iro Konstantinou is Head of Research and Impact at the Tony Little CIRL. She oversees the Leadership Institute, develops Higher Education (HE) modules in research methods, researches interventions on student well-being when transition to HE, manages the Knowledge Transfer Partnership initiatives, and is a research fellow at BrainCanDo.


Jonnie Noakes

Director of Teaching and Learning at Eton College

Jonnie Noakes is Director of Teaching and Learning at Eton College and the director of the Tony Little CIRL. He is a director of BrainCanDo, an editorial board member of the Chartered College of Teaching’s journal Impact, and a member of the global research committee of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition.

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